Pictures From Ivy Council Events


 May 14, 2014

Social Mixer and presentation by Lyndsey Fry, the first Arizona native to win medal in Winter Olympics as a member of the Silver Medal USA Hockey Team in Sochi, Russia.


Gateway Loop; McDowell Sonoran Preserve

December 6, 2014

Alumni from Stanford, Tufts, and Ivy League universities, representing several generations, gathered at Gateway Trailhead to hike the Gateway Loop on a pleasantly cool, cloudy December morning. Although we managed to stay together for the first half mile, soon there were fast hikers surging ahead and us leisurely hikers lagging behind. Just as well. That gave us plenty of time to stop and take pictures, and catch up
• 4.34 miles
• +-743′ elevation change
• low: 1717′ (Gateway Trailhead)
• high: 2403′ (Gateway Saddle)

Expert narration enlightens our alumni hike.
Saguaros and Teddy bears mark our trail to Gateway Saddle.

Jan, Glenn, and Ted top out on Gateway Saddle.
Moss finds a friendly environment on the slopes.

Saguaros thrive amid basalt boulders in a cubist pattern.
Regular rows of boulders line the mountainside.


An Evening with Janet Napolitano

Before leaving for Washington, Janet Napolitano (then Governor of AZ) was the first speaker in our Q&A Series.


4th Annual Winter Gathering (January 2010)

The tradition continues! In January, 2010, alumni and guests gathered at Taylor’s Café.