About us

About the Phoenix Ivy Council

The Phoenix Ivy Council is comprised of alumni representatives from one or more of our 32 university affiliated alumni clubs.  This group of people, through similar educational experiences at some of the finest colleges in the country, seem to have a shared value to ‘pursue excellence’ and to ‘make contributions to our community” in a variety of ways.

The Phoenix Ivy Council strives to foster camaraderie among its underlying alums and jointly demonstrate support for Phoenix as it continues to evolve – especially through active support of the arts, education and civic engagement.

Each person who gets involved can have an impact. Please join us or consider supporting the Ivy Council in some respect. We are stronger together.

Board of Directors and Officer

  • Jon Hall : Harvard/Stanford – President
  • Dominique van de Stadt – Harvard/Columbia – Secretary
  • Morgan Lerette – Tufts
  • Kristin Ringdahl – Mount Holyoke
  • Michael O’Neil – Brown
  • Bart Brebner – Wesleyan
  • Janet Rosenberg – Columbia
  • Kästle Olson – Columbia
  • Lauren Garner – Smith
  • Howard Asaki – Yale
  • Annie Peabody – Stanford
  • McKenna Kardish – Harvard
  • Armando Viteri – MIT
  • Don Bivens – Yale